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How do I know if I need to call a garage door technician?

There are a few things you can check yourself if your garage door isn't working. If the door won't open or close, ensure that there is power going to your garage door opener and check to see if the sensors or tracks are obstructed. If your remote isn't working, change the battery and ensure that it is within range. If these simple fixes don't work, call a trusted garage door technician.

How quickly can you repair my garage door?

In most cases, we can repair garage doors on our first visit, even if you have a broken spring! Call for same-day service and get your garage door problems fixed within hours.

Why is regular maintenance important?

Garage doors and openers are complex and involve lots of moving parts. Periodic inspections and maintenance are helpful because they can identify parts before they fail and prolong the useful life of the garage door. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the mechanisms can be very helpful in keeping you safe and keeping your garage door working as it should.

What should I do if my garage door stops working and I can't lift it manually

If your garage door opens a few feet, then stops and it cannot be lifted by hand, it is probably a broken torsion spring. This can be hazardous to repair by yourself. Please call to schedule service!

Will you install a garage door opener that I purchased?

Sure! If you've already purchased a garage door opener, we'd be happy to install it for you.

Why is it recommended to replace both garage door springs at once?

When replacing one broken spring, it is highly recommended to replace the other spring, too. This is because the older, unbroken spring will have lost some of its tension from years of use and it won't match the new spring. If you replace both springs at once, the door will stay balanced and will open more smoothly, greatly reducing the risk of future problems.

Do I need to replace my entire garage door?

Most problems can be fixed with a new part or simple reinforcement. For example, if a section of the door is sagging when it opens due to a stress crack in the steel, it's often possible to use a reinforcement strut to straighten out the sagging section. Many other issues can be fixed by replacing one or two parts. However, there are some cases where wear and tear or lack of maintenance have led to major problems that cannot easily be fixed. If this is the case, we will recommend that you go ahead and replace the door.

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